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Before we share more let's establish what Original Me is not. Original Me is not about enhancing your self esteem or ego. It is not a humanistic attempt to elevate man. It is not about ignoring truth at the altar of love. It is not a perspective that touts His love as being a permissive "love," but instead a love that burns with passion (wrath or anger) against anything that would keep us from Him, experiencing Him and experiencing the reality of Him in us. His love is focused on our redemption and oneness with Him. It is never retributive, but it is out of His love that flows a refining fire that disciplines & purifies us. A fire originating out of His love, not in contradiction to His love. The fire of His love is unquenchable, healing and life giving.

The "anything" that the fire of His love burns against is most predominately our sin of blindness to our false perceptions and beliefs (some of which are strongly held religious beliefs - the kind He reprimanded the Pharisees for). These are false beliefs about who He is and who we are created to be with Him (Him in us). His long suffering journey with us has been an ongoing relational process of Him passionately pursuing us to change our hearts and minds about Him. Our distance from Him creates an environment of doubts and questioning... is He good? and does He really love me?

Throughout scripture He tells us He does not desire sacrifice. So, why did He he give Israel a sacrificial system? Because they needed Him to... it was all they knew... He gave it to them so He could lead them out of it. They needed Him to meet them where they were at. That said, He is not willing to let us remain in our confusion - so He becomes one of us to reveal Himself to us. Jesus subverted (turned upside down) what they thought they understood about God. Even in the Old Testament this was true. He sent Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac for the very purpose of Abraham knowing that He does not desire sacrifice. Any sacrifice to be given was His to sacrifice. Not because He required it, but because we (our sin) required it. Our sin prevents us from seeing who He is, and who we really are as He sees us. His passion for us to be ONE with Him is an unquenchable fire that swallows up our hell.

He is willing to meet us wherever we are at, and He is willing to go through hell with us to win our hearts. He did not bring Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego out of the fire. He instead joined them and sustained them while they were in it. The only thing that was consumed by the fiery furnace was the ropes that bound their arms and hands.

Original Me is about choosing His love to undo you, free you from what binds you and letting Him define what is true... instead of a relative version of truth that has been misshapen by man's perspectives, which can be found in both the secular world and in the Christian religion. Original Me is a realignment of our relative reality in which it becomes one with His reality about who we are with Him (Him in us).

Original Me is also a message of life and freedom to be something more. The something more He created you to be. At some point in your life you have had thoughts and questions about yourself being really special (every kid dreams of being a prince or princess). You’ve had thoughts of being a descendant of royalty. You’ve wondered about having special powers like a superhero. There is a reason you have had those thoughts. Most all of us have had them. It’s because they are true in His eyes. He is our Father, and He is the King. He is the special power that makes us a superhero.

He is also the groom that wants to intimately be with His bride. We are His desire. We are the bride. He sees us as He created us to be, not all the negative images placed on us by others or even the ones we have created for ourselves.

This isn't a story about trying to find more self-esteem. It is a story of beauty revealed, and Him elevating you by His desire and design for you. It is a love story about how crazy your Creator is about you. As you begin to receive and understand how special you are to Him, the fears and insecurities fade as they are seen for what they are... they are replaced by freedom, compassion, hope, joy and love.

His story includes your smaller story, which is invaluable within the larger. And there are a variety of stories that you may have heard as a child that also include you. One is about a treasure buried in a field where the person that discovers it sells all he has to be able to purchase the land where the treasure is buried. You are that treasure. There is another story about a pearl that is beyond value and beauty, and the person who discovers it sells everything he has to be able to purchase this pearl of great price. You are that pearl. There is another story about a shepherd who left his entire flock to go find the one sheep that was lost. You are that one sheep worth pursuing. Likewise, He is the treasure. The One that loves you is beyond the value of the treasure and the pearl. And believe it or not, He is also your gift! The Kingdom of Heaven is found in the Oneness Jesus prayed for us to have with Him.

He deems you worth celebrating not because you are morally good, but simply because He adores you. When we begin to understand the value He places in us (the value of Himself), we then have the capacity to see that same priceless value in others. As you begin to see who you really are, you gain the power to see how even the most unlovable person in your life is the same undiscovered treasure. They feel unlovable because they have not yet discovered that who they are, is found in Him. They are the pearl. They are sometimes a lone sheep trying to find its own way. This is in part (if not the whole) because they are living without the love they were created for - to receive first, and then to reflect back to Him and to give to others. They struggle because they cannot give what they have yet to receive. The "they" I'm referencing is often, we... we all sometimes struggle to let Him love us. Those who don't know Him do not realize His love is being offered to them. Allowing/receiving His love for us is the difference between being a slave and being free. Those of us who are free still sometimes struggle... however, we are also free to give all the time!

Your Creator is a giver, and your Original Me is created in His image - meaning you are like Him in that you feel pleasure when you give something of value to someone else. Giving feels good! You were created to give out of your excess of Him. First allow yourself to be filled with the gift of Original Me (Him loving you), and then let the gift flow out of you to those in your life, or maybe even a total stranger who is needing to hear the good news of how much they are loved, valued and are beautiful. Everyone desires to be known, seen, heard, understood, adored, honored, included, valued, respected, forgiven and pursued. You were created to be a recipient of all these and more.

Your Original Me is unique. There is only one of you. There has never been another you, and there will never be another you. Only you can give the gifts you were created to give to the people that only you can touch in any given moment. Allow yourself to be who you really are. Celebrate the Original Me in you and in others today, because you are not promised tomorrow. Invest in this moment. Live fully in each moment you are given. Don't wait another moment to receive His invitation and gift. Choose to receive His Love now! Salvation is not about us receiving Him into our hearts... it is much more about receiving the gift of Him already receiving us into Himself!

Then let your gift be the message of life. Let your gift to yourself and others be Original Me [who you are with Him (Him in you)].


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