...engaged in a conversation with Him.

Original Me is about inviting you into a conversation about who you really are. Not about giving you the answers. The reality is that no one can give us "the answers." We all must find them for ourselves. Where do you find them? The answers are only found in an ongoing conversation with Him. No one can have that conversation with Him for you. Only you. He likes it that way. It is that way by His sovereign design. 

He invites each of us into an intimate relationship with Him that is unique only to you. So it is within this freedom and discovery that Original Me starts the conversation and invites you into a discovery journey that only you can take for yourself. His truth is only found in His love. He is what brings your relative truth into alignment with who He says you are. Ultimately, He is your answer. But, how He is expressed in you is not exactly the same as it is in anyone else. You are a unique expression of Him.