Original Me... the Message

Original Me is You!

Original Me is who you really are. Who you were created to be. You are created to be: Seen, Heard, Understood, Known, Included, Valued, Respected, Cherished, Pursued, Adored, Desired, Beautiful, Creative, Forgiven, Humble, Honored and Loved by Him first and foremost. From before the beginning of time you were His original thought and desire. Original Me is about sharing a message that heals, restores, encourages, brings hope, receives & gives love and celebrates the life available from Him in each moment.

It is about you allowing His love to reveal the truth about you and completely remake you into what you have been from the beginning. Embracing the message of Original Me (who you really are as He sees you) will elevate how you see and understand yourself. Your Original Me is powered by His love... it is saturated with, distinguished by and cloaked in humility.

Original Me is the beginning of a conversation about you, if you choose for it to be?       

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