You are LOVED beyond what you can dream or imagine!
You are LOVED beyond what you can dream or imagine!
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Original Me Daily Exercise!

In just a few minutes daily you can transform (reprogram) the image you have of yourself into the image He created you with (His image)!

Col 1:27 - the mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory!

Remember that the beauty of the gospel is that Jesus has already invited and accepted us into His life, not that you have invited Jesus into yours.

There is an awakening upon us. A reformation of “re-knowing” what has always been known by God. It is an awakening and renewal in which we recognize (re-know) the Father, Son, Spirit in us - that has never left us nor forsaken us. Adam lost what He knew. Jesus is the second Adam re-knowing what Adam previously knew. You are One with Jesus.

This reformation will be a birthing of what has already been created in us by Jesus (Oneness with God, in which we discover each other as He sees Us. We are together His Bride). For some, this birthing process will be more painful than for others. But, it is only a temporary pain that yields to the birth of Joy in us! The same Joy that lead Him to the cross.
(For the Joy set before Him He endured the cross. Hebrews 12:2)

Give yourself a chance to re-know (recognize) who you really are as God sees you.

Recognize (v.)

early 15c., from Old French reconoiss-, stem of reconoistre "to know again, identify, recognize," from Latin recognoscere"acknowledge, recall to mind, know again; examine; certify," from re- "again" (see re-) + cognoscere"to get to know, recognize" (see cognizance). Meaning "know again, recall or recover the knowledge of, perceive an identity with something formerly known or felt" first recorded 1530s. 

Re-know God in you. Below is a description of You, because it is a description of God. Jesus says we are ONE with Him as He is One with the Father!

 Love/God Never Fails - I Corinthians 13:4-13


Read through this message in the examples below every day (or as often as you choose).

Read it out loud. Read it so you can hear yourself saying the words. Read it with your heart, not just your eyes! 

Read it twice.
The first time read it and substitute "God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)" instead of "Love" before each separate thought.

The second time read it and substitute "I am" or "I" instead of "Love" before each separate thought.

For example:
God is patient and kind
God rejoices in truth
God believes the best in others 
God always protects, always hopes, faithfully endures
God is never envious or prideful
God is not self-glorifying
God is not provoked
God keeps no record of wrongs
God never fails
I am patient and kind
I rejoice in truth
I believe the best in others
I always protect, always hope, faithfully endure
I am never envious or prideful
I am not self-glorifying
I am not provoked
I keep no record of wrongs

I with God/Love in Me never fails. When I disregard the Relationship of God (F,S,S) in me I fail.

Original Me is You + God as One. Because God (Love) is in Me, ALL things are possible! Number 2 is true because Father, Son & Spirit are in you. Only in your Oneness with God is this true. If you have not experienced God in this way; it is yet still true, just not true for you in your experience. (That is your relative reality... the shadow world of your own darkness so to speak). It is only true for You when you recognize and agree that you are One with God! Oneness with God is given by Him, not earned by you (religion). The only response needed on your end is to let Him be Himself in you, which starts with letting Him love you. You got the power, and the power is Love! You can receive Him (Love), because He has already given Himself to you. The Father, Son and Spirit are ONE in you because they are never separated. God is ONE. And we are ONE with God through/in/with Jesus. What is true about Jesus is ultimately true about you! He is our righteousness! He is your true identity! He is an example of you.

If #2 feels uncomfortable to you, it is OK to understand that this may not be your past or current experience, but it can be! Your Original Me can... because it is who you really are. For many (probably most) our Original Me is not what we have experienced so far in this life? OK, we can deal with that because you have His power to change your understanding of you and your life - you can grow in who you really are. Until such time that you are living fully in who you really are, you can remind yourself daily until it becomes your experience.

If you need some time to adjust to this truth of who you are, you can substitute "God in me" for "I am." See if that feels easier to believe to be true? Either way, the real you is Him in you (you and Him) coauthoring your life as His Spirit offers love, truth and life to you!

There are two Biblical truths underlying this exercise of your Original Me.

  • The first is that God is Love (1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:16- “God is fundamentally and essentially LOVE: not merely is loving.” - Jamieson, Fausset, Brown Commentary 
  • The second is that We are One with God through an intimate relationship with Jesus. We are invited into Him (Him in us). The question that everyone must answer is, "do I recognize/believe that Love/Jesus loves me and that He has already forgiven me and included me into His life/heart/spirit?" (see book of John)
    Some may say this is impossible, but all things are possible with Him - Matthew 19:26!

    If the God of the universe created me to live in me, what does that look like and feel like?

    Begin (or continue) your Original Me journey in this moment, and each time as you do this exercise!