What's Up with the Bulb?

  the bulb...

It's a rabbit? It's an ancient relic? No, it's a flower bulb! :-)

It is a stylistic logo in the fashion of a bulb, and an emblem of Original Me. It is also an emblem of you. You are an original person created by Him! Like the beauty of a bulb blooming into a beautiful flower, we are also given a beautiful image of who we are in Oneness with Jesus. He describes Himself as the Groom and us as His Bride. The image of the bulb blooming into something beautiful is analogous to our metamorphosis when we become His bride and intimately live with Him (Him in us).. 

You are beautiful to Him. He sees what is unseen about you. The is a symbol of life buried inside something that doesn't look or feel alive. It is a symbol of hope. It is a symbol of a treasure that needs to be discovered. It is a symbol of inclusion and destiny. Like a beautiful tulip hidden within the bulb. It's beauty may not be visible yet, but it will be. The unveiling of your beauty begins with you saying yes to Him. All of us are a bulb, or have been in a bulb like state of being at some point in our lives. Some blossom early. Some take a while. Regardless of the timing, everyone can experience the beauty of who you really are. And you can share the gift of that same beauty with others.  

All of us go through hard times, and some times we are being held back by something within ourselves that needs to be discovered so it can die (or maybe better stated as us "unchoosing" the something/s holding us back) - like wounds, attitudes, beliefs, etc... Just like with a seed or a bulb, that something must be buried before it can grow and blossom. The willingness to die (unchoosing self & trusting God) precedes the revelation of glory! He is an example of us in this regard. Jesus died, was buried and then came to life. He was willing to be rejected and die because the Father's glory is within us. His joy about being One with us was worth it to Him. Indwelling us is His desire. It is a glorious experience for both Him and us. In this way the bulb is a symbol and metaphor for hope, joy, redemption, healing, restoration, resurrection and glory revealed! 

Your strength is in His presence in you. Your identity and value are with Him (Him in you). You without Him is what it means to be (and feel) empty. Your honor is only discovered and experienced in who you really are. Your power is in the influence only found in His love. His love cannot be shared before it is received. Your reward cannot be found anywhere else outside of His love for you (Him in you).

Let the be an organic symbol of a promise that awaits you... that's right, He is waiting for you to accept His invitation to be loved. He waits for you as a groom proposing marriage waits to hear the word, YES. 

He is waiting for your response. He will not force Himself on you. He is gentle. He does not want to control you. His desire is to complete you and bring you to life.  He will continue to wait for you to accept His proposal. He is on the edge of His seat anticipating, yet patiently waiting... for that one word... YES. Say yes to Him loving you - and as you experience His love you will discover who you are as He sees you.