Maybe About Us is better stated as...

Who We Be :-) 

I often refer to "we" because I am not the only one on this journey! I'm going to do something a little different in the About Us section than what you usually see. I'm going to talk about Who we be first, before I talk about me:

Who we be...

 ...since we are human BEings, not human doings :-)
Doesn't our doing flow out of our being? Apple trees produce apples. Similarly, a God temple should also produce a reflection of Him, since He is living in the temple (you)... that is, if you've said yes to Him! Even if you have not said yes to Him yet, your true identity remains to be found in Him. He did not become a man to show us what we could never be... the Word became flesh to reveal to us what we have always been. What's keeping you from being you? In the mix of all the confusion and baggage you carry, you continue to desire to be who He created you to be... He still desires to be Himself in you. He will not force Himself on you. Before you say yes to Him you do not have the ability to be your Original Me. After you say yes to Him you become free to be who you really are.

    Consider the image of a water pitcher with a lid, but without any water in it being analogous to your state of being before you say yes to Him. You cannot fill a water pitcher unless the lid is removed.

    Then consider the image of a water pitcher without the lid and also now filled with water being analogous to your state of being after you say yes to Him. His presence has always been there. It was just unrecognized by you. You being filled by Him is not a function of Him not being present in you, but instead, you being filled by Him is a receiving from Him what He has always been offering you. The lid preventing you from being filled is the lid on your God box - the box you have put Him in. The lid represents your blindness to who He really is and who you really are with Him (Him in you).

    Eternity is found in each moment and consists of the simultaneous receiving Him in filling you up, and you then collaborating with Him for Him to be poured out of you in each moment. This pouring out of Him is your Original Me being brought to life! Your Original Me is Him experiencing your relative world through you. It is the place where your relative reality lines up with His reality and they become one! Before you say yes to Him, you do not have the capacity to experience the fullness of what has always existed inside you (Him)... waiting for you to participate by first accepting His invitation to be His bride. You can experience Him like you are created to until you say, Yes to His proposal of a covenant relationship with you. A covenant relationship in which He will meet you in your darkest, most painful places. A covenant relationship in which He will suffer your sin and continue to love you unconditionally.

      Him filling you up and Him pouring out of you are both a collaborative venture by His sovereign design. He provides everything, and you simply agree to let Him be who He is in you. He gets all the glory and satisfaction of loving us... because that is Who He Be! You in turn get the joy, satisfaction and reward of being who He created you to be!

      In the story of Adam and Eve we see them giving up what they already had in an attempt to gain what they gave up... really crazy when you think about it. Our stories are all quite the same, we say no thank you to what we have already been given as we are attempting by other means to obtain what we just said no thank you too. 

      We are all alike in that our individuality is found in Him. I cannot explain who I am without you understanding where you find yours. Therefore, it is important for you to know that I want who I be to flow out of my Original Me.

      Your individuality is only found in your Oneness with Him. Separate from Him, the search for yourself ends up being through other people. (It's kind of like you are a leach attaching yourself to other people in an attempt to find real life.) The self deception is that you can only become the real you by yourself (the 3 year old says, "me do it myself"). The deception is that your search will only be successful by means of and validation through other people. When instead you determine to lose yourself in Him, you find your Original Me. Your individuality is only found with Him (Him in you). When we find ourselves in Him, we also find Him in others. This is where true love is experienced with Him and with others. 


      I am a nobody of significance in the world's eyes. A "nobody" who wants to Be with Him. Any significance I have of true value is found in His eyes. I have a desire to experience Him living in me. I desire to reflect His image not because I am trying to behave like Him or superficially mimic Him with my words or actions, but instead I desire His being in me to emanate from me. I desire for what comes out of me to be Him - His substance - His essence. To experience this is to experience my Original Me.

      I struggle. We all struggle with being our original self. With that understanding let me share some of my journey. Out of my struggle a desire was birthed in the form of Original Me. Sometime in the later part of 2015 Original Me was given to me from Him on a dark morning before sunrise on my 2 hour drive to work at a prison. I am the medical director there. I asked Him off and on for a week or so about giving me a creative outlet that He and I would both enjoy together. As I was talking to Him about my request He gave me a thought in the form of a 2 word phrase. It was, Original Me. As I started dialoguing with Him about what it meant, He explained that it represented who I really am – who He created me to be – how He sees me – the me without any baggage. Over time as we dialogued further, He continued to share more thoughts to flesh out my understanding of Original Me. He is still doing it today. He continues to reveal more and more about who He is and who I am with Him (Him in me). 

      My desire is to be and live my Original Me, and then also to facilitate a conversation with you about your Original Me. This is part of my story... I hope there is much more story to come and to share with you.

      With Him (Him in Me),